An Esoteric Guide to Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form #3

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Of course, this is exactly what has been known throughout the whole of esoteric history.  We can point out that alchemically we have: Self=Sulfur, Other=Salt, and Transfer=Mercury, or in Esoteric Christianity: Self=Father, Other=Holy Spirit, Transfer=Son.  This goes on endlessly, which is precisely the point.  Returning to the very conditions under which GSB relates the Laws of Form, he mentions that

LoF p. 1

  • There can be no distinction without motive, and there can be no motive unless contents are seen to differ in value.

We have seen this already, but now we can see it in a new light.  As before we have:

motive –> distinction –> (value) –> motive

Now we can recognize this as the very same threefoldness that is inherent in the primal form.  So:

motive –> distinction –> (value) is also:
self –> other –> transfer function
will –> thinking –> feeling
sulfur –> salt –> mercury

and also, more primally:

activity –> content –> (the needed crossing of the boundary, not completely integrated in GSB, found, but unrecognized as such, by Glanville), and lastly:

Father –> Holy Ghost –> Son (alternate versions occur: see Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages, Forgotten Books, p. 477)

Hopefully, despite the admittedly difficult nature of this whole commentary, things might be starting to come together, that is to say, they might be starting to be confused.

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