Projective geometry offers a window into the human soul — not as a mere analogy, but directly: projective geometric processes are manifestations of the same archetypes that work through and within human experience.

Doing projective geometry is to move your soul in accordance with these archetypes, and in so doing you start to train your soul so that it can begin to perceive the movement of these archetypes both in your own soul and in the world-processes around you.  In effect, projective geometry offers a path towards the development of organs of perception that operate not primarily in a physical way like your eyes or ears, but in a more subtle realm.  The development of these soul-organs opens up new realms to your perception, just as if you were in a dark room and then someone turned on a light: now you can see depth, color, and form, where before these were literally non-existent for you.

In this spirit, I offer the following sequence of drawings that illustrate one process in projective geometry: that of Harmonic Points.  I suggest, before looking further, that you examine and follow the constructions on your own in this post:

Harmonic Points and Lines, a Projective Geometric Exercise

Once you have sufficient experience with the above, feel free to examine the following drawings.  Note the context given in this post and the above linked post, and see if you can discern, as an exact soul-perception, the moving gesture that accompanies the sequence, paying special attention to the ‘unique’ moments of the transformation.  Feel free to reply in comments to this post about your experience!

Note: the drawings have been placed on a separate page, so that they can be presented unencumbered by the limitations of the blog theme.


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