We are ecologies within ecologies within ecologies.  Complex processes, such as inflammatory responses, span multiple systems as multivalent expressions of dynamic self organization.  Within constant interlaced boundaries provided by the dual and complementary forces of growth and decay, life becomes possible; we become possible.  Interactivity, specialization, contextual adaptation, flexibility, utilization of ‘randomness’ and dynamic flow are parameters by means of which the game of life yields autopoesis and apoptosis.  The dance of advancing and receeding energies, the undulating glissando of electromagnetic interactions reverberating between hydrophilc and hydrophobic ends of phospho-bilipid layers, reveal a chorus of dynamic forces meeting in miniscule harmonies that literally embody and mirror the complexities of life all the way up.

If you are not awed and humbled by this cosmic-microcosmic dance, this alchemical transformation of matter into forms that inform, then you have lost your ear for poetry:


The Cell Membrane - complex recursion in action


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