Dennis Klocek is holding a Coros Institute meditative retreat on April 3rd – 5th (Palm Sunday Weekend) at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma, CA.

Topics will include:

· Death of the spirit in the material world as a source of unconscious anxiety.
· Working on the essential steps of separating the soul forces in the process of self-development.
· Re-uniting effectively the soul forces and forging new insights into dreams, destiny and karma.

If you have never heard Dennis or worked with him before, you are in for a real treat.  He walks his talk, and offers a very unique approach and vision of personal transformation.  It’s not just theory, but well-honed advice that weaves together decades of personal meditative work, phenomenological study, and repeated application.  You don’t want to miss it!

Attached is a PDF flier that you can print and mail in to register: do it before you come up with some lame excuse to stay home and keep your life static and unchanging!

The Teachings of Isis: From Anxiety to Insight

Check out Dennis’ Coros Institute for more information:


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