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This lecture presentation was given at the East Bay Waldorf School in 2007 (see flyer below).  It explores the Matrix trilogy of movies from the perspective of spiritual science. Close attention is paid to the actual events in the “text” of the movies, with an eye towards illuminating features concerning the major characters and plot elements in a coherent, symbolic, and mythological perspective. In particular the movies are shown to be uniquely understandable from the perspective of Steiner’s anthroposophical insights concerning human evolution.

The video is based upon this essay, but (particularly because of some very astute questions from the audience) also contains a number of details that I was unable to put into the original paper.


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  1. Myst-evious December 11, 2009 at 5:12 am · ·

    Why travel so far away from the basic teaching of the Bible. The metaphysics described in the New Testament in every way fits well with observable reality. We cannot redeem ourselves but once having been redeemed we have power to follow Christ on a journey that eventually leads to us sitting with Him on His throne, if we endure to the end. This is all Christian doctrine. Is there so much more that is needed to fulfill us? Or is it because we are empty that we create more and more complicated answers to simple questions? The Bible says Jesus is the 'Amen' the faithful and true witness and the express image of the Father. If we believe that we can look directly at His life, Jesus Christ , the same, yesterday, today and forever.


    A Christian Mystic

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