I had the good fortune to attend a Coros Institute meditative retreat: The Great Passage with Dennis Klocek on Whidbey Island a few years ago with my mother.  It was an amazing event, full of profound wisdom, practical exercises, and excellent company.  I would highly recommend it, not just for those who are thinking about the Great Passage for themselves or a loved one, but as a complement to any who are interested in the spiritual connections between the living and the dead.

Dennis, as usual, offers living pictures that are not like the kind of popular new-age stuff on the bookshelves at your local bookstore.  He has a way of speaking and interacting that makes it very clear that his wisdom is a developed wisdom, brought forth on the basis of years and years of contemplative, artistic, and scientific work.  The best part is that because he knows HOW he developed his own experience, he can be of explicit help to others who wish to deepen their own spirituality.

If you can make this retreat, DO IT!  You won’t be disappointed.


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