Now, another challenge was proposed, to proceed to a third transposition inspired by Varela’s star cybernetics.

My response:

simplistic/complex —> multi-ordered simplexity 
how to fix/how to engage —> ascripted re-presencing 
compulsive mappings/flexible relations —> constructive deconstruction 
textbook categorizations/situational phenomenologies —> second-order homeodynamics 
control the universe through mapping/participate in the universe through walking its territory –>  co-construction of universe and self 
dominant masculinist purposefulness/creatively shifting between feminine/masculine —> post-dual dynamics 
shift power from the described to the describer/described and describer abdicate power to each other —> described as describer, describer as described 
psychic inflation and self-magnification/psychic robustness and continuous self-recontextualization —> the fractal self 
a grand pyramid with the advocate on top/a complex web with the advocate teleporting between nodes —> a-nodal/plen(r)um-nodal phase space 
lacking poetic insights/poetry as rhythmic healing —> language as regenerative/dissociative capacity 
lacking a feeling for the concrete/able to connect without abstraction through action —> recursive manifestation/abstraction 
lacking embodiment of an aesthetic/able to create and shift between evolving aesthetics —> the aesthetics of aesthetics


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