Every fact is accompanied by the cutting edge of an epistemological knife, the wielding of which makes worlds.

A New Sacred Geometry Book


I fancy the big picture.  I like exact generalizations.  I wonder what it all means.  I make up my own meanings.  I test them out.  I’m not afraid of learning.  I adapt.  I fail. I create.

I’m looking for company.


I’ve taught physics, philosophy, and other subjects in Waldorf high schools across the American West, using super-skillz gleaned from my bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Colorado College (thesis on Whitehead and quantum mechanics) and master’s degree in consciousness studies from John F. Kennedy University (thesis entitled “The Elements as an Archetype of Transformation: An Exploration of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,”).  My education has taught me that it is just as important to explore how we think as what we think. Thus, I’m currently writing a PhD dissertation in the nascent (academic) field of transformative studies at CIIS, in which I address connections between spiritual science and cybernetic epistemology. The current working title is “Towards an Aesthetic Epistemology: Transforming Thinking through Anthroposophy and Cybernetic Epistemology”.

I do freelance web and print design for food as sole proprietor of Spirit Alchemy Design.

My research interests include:
Anthroposophy, alchemy, cybernetics, transformation, archetypes, spirituality, science, consciousness, transdisciplinarity, philosophy and much more.

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