Every fact is accompanied by the cutting edge of an epistemological knife, the wielding of which makes worlds.

A New Sacred Geometry Book

Bradford Keeney

Patterns in Process: Transdisciplinarity as a Background for Working with the Elemental Cycle of Transformation

January 21, 2012
Elemental Cycle

Abstract This essay outlines connections between the Elemental Cycle as an archetype of transformation, transdisciplinarity, and  cybernetics.  A number of questions are addressed: the nature and importance of connecting these fields, an examination of resources and the dominant disciplinary discourses for the associated fields, and a critical examination of my assumptions, beliefs, and position. Introduction […]

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Form and content – two levels of change

January 12, 2012
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Form and Content Understanding change is a very difficult task. No aspect of our world, either experienced outwardly through our senses or inwardly through our feelings and thoughts, seems exempt from the paradoxical rule that the only constant is change. It is possible to examine the way change occurs at many levels. At the “lowest” […]

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How to form a relationship with your book

January 1, 2009

A professor of mine, Bradford Keeney, offers the following advice: EVERY TIME YOU READ <insert your book here>, INTERACT WITH THE BOOK IN A WAY THAT YOU HAVE NEVER INTERACTED WITH A BOOK:  Some possibilities:  *drill a hole through it *drill other holes  *underline spaces rather than words  *talk to the book  *place book under […]

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